Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix: The Man Behind the Microphone

Released in 2022, Matt Walsh’s film “What is a Woman?” delves into the complex topic of gender identity.

The documentary explores the changing discussion about sex and gender by interviewing a variety of people. 


A Spotlight on Matt Walsh and Justin Folk

Matt Walsh, known for his roles in “Veep” and “Drunk History,” has shifted to a prominent conservative commentator on The Daily Wire.

In “What is a Woman?” he serves as the interviewer, questioning individuals about gender identity.

Director Justin Folk, experienced in directing conservative documentaries like “Shut Up & Sing” (2020), shapes the narrative of “What is a Woman?” by editing and directing Walsh’s interviews

Awards and Accolades: Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix

“What is a Woman?” did not win major awards or recognition from film critics or award shows.

However, it drew attention from conservative media and critics of the transgender rights movement.

On the other hand, some criticized the documentary for not accurately portraying the complexities of gender identity.

Theme: Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix

What is a Woman?” centers on Matt Walsh’s investigation of gender identity, particularly regarding transgender individuals. The film questions the biological definition of sex versus gender identity.

Walsh interviews

Politicians with conservative views on gender identity Medical professionals with different perspectives Transgender individuals, including some who regret medical transitions

Not a Box Office Release: Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix

“What is a Woman?” wasn’t released in theaters but was offered to The Daily Wire subscribers. This limited its audience to those already aligned with the platform’s conservative perspective.

Not on TV, But Sparking Online Discourse

The documentary has not been shown on television and likely won’t be due to its controversial nature and association with a specific online platform.

However, it has generated significant online discussion, with strong reactions from both those who agree with its perspective and those who find it biased.

A Look Beyond the Film: Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix

“What is a Woman?” wasn’t released in theaters but was offered to The Daily Wire subscribers. This limited its audience to those already aligned with the platform’s conservative perspective.

Respectful dialogue is crucial, as seen in the documentary, despite it being controversial for some. The film delves into terminology and nuances of sex and gender, showing how these concepts evolve.

While the documentary focuses on specific viewpoints, it’s vital to recognize the diverse experiences within the transgender community

Documentary Fueling a Larger Conversation

Whether praised or criticized, “What is a Woman?” has undeniably sparked conversation about gender identity.

While not on Netflix and with a limited theatrical release, the film has found an audience online, highlighting the ongoing debate about this important social issue.

Content and Interviews

The film features prominent figures with conservative views on gender identity, which can narrow the discussion’s scope.

While interviews with medical professionals are included, the film may not present a balanced view as it doesn’t delve into varying approaches to transgender healthcare.

Although “What is a Woman?” includes interviews with transgender individuals, it’s important to consider whose voices are being highlighted.

The film has faced criticism for spotlighting individuals who regret medical transitions, rather than providing a more comprehensive representation of the transgender experience.

Interview Techniques and Editing: Matt Walsh Documentary Netflix

Critics argue that some of Walsh’s interview questions in “What is a Woman?” lead interviewees to answers that fit the film’s predetermined viewpoint.

The editing process is crucial in shaping the narrative. Critics suspect the documentary may omit responses that don’t align with its message, possibly oversimplifying the topic.

Reception and Impact

Conservative media outlets and critics of the transgender rights movement praised the film for raising essential questions about gender identity.

However, LGBTQ+ advocacy groups and others criticized the documentary for bias and misrepresentation of transgender realities.

Its connection with The Daily Wire also fueled accusations of bias.

Past the Documentary

Respectful discourse about gender identity is crucial, regardless of one’s stance on the documentary.

The film prompts discussions about the meanings of sex and gender, highlighting their evolving nature.

Understanding the transgender community’s diverse experiences is essential, even though the documentary focuses on specific narratives.


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